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5 Egg-cellent Reasons To Get A Fuel Card, Every Bunny Will Love!

We apologise in advance for the Easter puns! fuel cards

Hare we have it…

Our fuel cards are a secure method for paying for your company fuel that your business can use. Instead of providing your employees with cash, a company credit card or asking them to pay for the fuel themselves and then you pay them back, you can simply distribute fuel cards to your team.

When signed up, you and your team will only be able to purchase fuel and (if you choose) car-related services and products such as: ad-blue and car washes.

Every week you’ll receive a fixed price notification that is personal to you. This price is designed to save you money and remove the need to drive out of the way to find that “cheapest fuel station”. Our range of fuel cards include large multi branded networks such as: Esso Card™, KeyFuels and UKFuels.

Chick us out!

What are the reasons to get Fuel Cards?

Many other methods and fuel card companies can lead you down a rabbit warren. Our approach has always been a straightforward one. We know the fuel industry! We are part of a group of companies that sit under ‘The Craggs Energy Group’. When it comes to fuel in the UK we can say truthly that we do it all. We supply it, we broker it, we clean it, we handle its storage, its delivery and its maintenance – and we do it all nationally.

Hot-cross pun anyone? A breakdown of why Greenarc Fuel Cards.

🐰 Look on the sunny side

The benefits to a fuel card can include: great savings, considerably reduced admin, added security and greater control of your fuel consumption. Our team won’t take you on an egg-hunt but they will manage your account to a high egg-pectation!

🐰 Fuel cards have cracked up to be a GREAT idea

As a company, we have helped thousands of fleet managers and business owners over the years to save money and manage their vehicles just by implementing fuel cards! We have an experienced team that listen to your needs and match them up to a card in our range. Whether that’s a fuel card you can use across the motorway network or that you need to use one in your local town or city. Never putting all your eggs in one basket.

🐰 How much do I have to shell out?

Each card has an initial annual set-up fee. But we never charge a non-usage fee or cancellation cost.

We’re proud to say that with Greenarc Fuel Cards there are no hidden fees or charges!

🐰 We carrot believe it! 

We have our own fuel station site locator that even includes stations that are open around the “cluck”. Our easy to navigate site locator supports your route planning.

🐰 Yolk’s on you. Don’t get scrambled

It’s a clear choice for many businesses. But we’d love to hear from you if you have any further questions. We can personalise your pin-secure card to have either the vehicle registration number on them, your employee name or generically ‘CARD 1’.

🐣 Egg-cited to get fuel cards now? Contact our eggs-pert team:

We’re all ears. That’s our tale for today!

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