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Our Make And Model

Greenarc Fuel Cards.

Founded in 2016 we’ve helped many customers over the years switch lanes to Greenarc Fuel Cards.

Our Make and Model.

Greenarc Fuel Card’s journey started nearly a decade ago as Craggs Fuel Cards with a simple aim to save our customers time, effort, money and add extra security to their businesses.

We’ve now kept those original values but have developed into Greenarc Fuel Cards as we take our place in the sustainability space.

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Getting the Show on The Road!

We’re building a better way to keep on track of your fleet’s fuel consumption plus, we have a growing list of trusted partners that can save you time and money.  

If this sounds like your new way of taking it to second gear, you’re right! We’re trusted by thousands of businesses nationwide to handle their fleet.  

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At a Crossroad With Your Fuel Card?

This is not the time to sit in the backseat, Greenarc Fuel Cards provides you with access to a large national network of filling stations offering you a weekly fixed price for diesel while also giving you complete control over your fuel purchasing! Jumpstart applying for Fuel Cards here.

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