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Extra Solutions

We have a range of extra solutions that make sure you are getting the very best service.

Be your own driving force. 

We can add further security protection to your business with our Card Shield policy when you purchase commercial fuel for your fleet via our range of cards.  

A minimal monthly charge included in your invoice will cover your business for losses of up to 25,000 litres on your fuel card account if your card if lost or stolen. So, once you have alerted us that your card has been lost or stolen you will no longer be liable for fuel card transactions.  

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Vehicle Tracking.

As well as vehicle cameras, cyclists and pedestrian safety solutions, our trusted partner can also offer full GPS tracking equipment. These encompass tachograph integration, CanBus integration and vehicle-specific route planning. 

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Vehicle Leasing.

Helping to select, source, fund and manage your private or company cars and commercial vehicles through expert advice, best in market funding and unique fleet management solutions.

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Carbon Offsetting and a Green Future.

EV Card – Driving The Future.

We can help you  prepare to charge the electric vehicles in your fleet! Speak to our team for more information on what is available to you.

Green D+ Fuel For A Cleaner Future.

We offer a drop-in replacement for diesel which is renewable, has a clean burn and a shelf life of 10 years! By switching to GreenD+ HVO you will eliminate up to 90% of your carbon emissions.

We work in partnership with the largest importer of HVO, and stockist in the UK, with 4 terminal storage facilities and regional distribution hubs storing between 5-25 million litres of stock.

Carbon Offset.

We Offset Carbon Emissions for a Greener Future.

The concept of Carbon offset is the balancing out of the carbon emissions by investing in environmental projects. We can carbon offset the emissions you use.

When you choose to offset the fuel used from your fleet, we take the hard work away from you by purchase the equivalent carbon reduction credits on your behalf. These carbon credits are then used to fund green initiatives such as supporting a renewable energy source such as wind and solar or by funding activities like planting a tree.