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It’s Your Lucky Day 🍀

…well, it is St Patrick’s Day! Plus, Greenarc Fuel Cards can offer your business discounted diesel for your fleet via our range of fuel cards. Let us share with you the luck of the Irish! We want to discuss with you how having our fuel card in your pocket could be the equivalent to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The past few weeks have been a real roller coaster for businesses such as: hauliers, contractors, and logistics; who rely on their HGV’s, vans, and company cars traveling up and down the UK. The increasing challenges of fuel prices rocketed across towns, cities and motorways which has put pressure on business owners and transport managers.

Why Are Fuel Prices Rising?

Fuel prices fluctuate for a great many reasons including from a wide range of external factors such as Covid-19, the HGV driver shortage, the fuel-shortage crisis in September 2021 and of course the continuing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

What Can Transport Managers Do Now?

As a whole, society is starting to move to a greener and carbon-conscious way of thinking when it comes to energy consumption and relying less on traditional hydrocarbon based fuels. The Government are encouraging business to invest in electric vehicles which will remove the dependence on diesel and petrol but this often requires a long-term strategy.

The one thing you can do right now – is to apply for a low fixed weekly price fuel card.

Some other ways in which you can reduce your current fuel costs could include:

  • Using fuel performance enhancing additives – which we can supply.
  • Eco-Routes – use our site locator when planning your routes ahead of time to find a fuel station that accepts your fuel card and is the cheapest price.
  • Regular maintenance of your vehicle including tyre checks can reduce your fuel consumption.
  • Remove excess waste from your company vehicles – a lighter vehicle means less fuel used.

Fuel Your Fleet With A Greenarc Energy Fuel Card

Greenarc Fuel Cards has helped business customers across the UK to become miles more efficient.

We have an extensive range of fuel cards, that gives you and your drivers access to a large network of fuelling stations. You can fill-up your company vehicles at a fixed WEEKLY price with our fuel cards. To apply now for one of our fuel cards, please fill out our online form!

Make Your St Patrick’s Day A Shamrockin’ Good Time – Your Lucky Day Begins Here

Our expert team of leprechauns are ready and waiting! We’ll discuss with you your unique needs and pair those needs with a fuel card from our wide range of networks. Our aim is to save you time and money whilst adding extra security to your fleet management.

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