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Greenarc Fuel Cards team up with RJ8 to offer free mental health & wellbeing support to their staff and their families  

Mental Health Awareness


Mental Health Awareness week runs from 9-15th May 2022 and this year Greenarc Fuel Cards are unveiling their new mental health and wellbeing initiative in partnership with mental health experts – RJ8. This support will be available to all employees, and their families across the company and the wider group. The package contains unlimited access to face-to-face, telephone or video call counselling for a wide range of concerns. In addition, access is provided for financial, legal and medical emergencies as well as training.


Richard Wallace - Group Managing Director

Richard Wallace, Group Managing Director: “At The Craggs Energy Group, we pride ourselves on being a company that nurtures a motivated, engaged and committed team.
The overall wellbeing of our team is very important to us and creating a supportive environment is high on our priority list. We are pleased to be working with RJ8 to provide our staff with a highly trained and professional support network that is also available for anyone over 16 years old in their household. Furthermore, it’s important we reduce the stigma by talking openly, being a supportive employer and creating a safe-space for our employees. Introducing this policy during Mental Health Awareness week has triggered open conversations, listening, and understanding.”


Rebecca Jane, Founder & CEO of RJ8: “We’re honoured to be working with the The Craggs Energy Group and the backing we have received from the board in supporting their staff has been exceptional. We offered our ‘best advice’ and every suggestion we made was put in place. The dedication to the mental health of the Craggs staff has been second to none. Not only that, but our suggestions to look after the family of employees was firmly supported too. This means that Craggs now give free private mental health care to family living in the household of a Craggs employee. If every business looked after the mental health of their employees in the same way Craggs Energy has, the UK would not have the mental health crisis we have today.”

About The Craggs Energy Group

The Craggs Energy Group employees nearly 120 people and comprises of five separate businesses which all operate with the fuel, energy and infrastructure space operating across the UK. Their companies include northern based Craggs Energy, LCM Environmental Services, Greenarc Energy, Greenarc Fuel Cards and Devon based Moorland Fuels.