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Access one of the UK’s largest fuel station networks with Esso Card™

Esso Card™ gives you access to Esso, BP and Shell branded service stations across the UK. These stations are conveniently located across towns and cities meaning that wherever you are, you’re never far away from a fuelling station.

Remember to present your Nectar card or Tesco Clubcard when handing over your Esso Card™. Points can be collected at participating Esso branded service stations!**

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Esso Card™ National

An Esso Card™ National is perfect for your business as it’s part of one of the fastest growing networks in the UK. Plus, if you have a mixed fleet, you can enjoy the convenience of using thousands of conveniently located Esso™ fuel stations including HGV friendly locations across the UK and add the benefit of using BP & Shell filling stations. So, your drivers won’t need to take longer and costly route deviations on their journey. You can enjoy a competitive fixed weekly price at Esso™ stations and with BP and Shell at the pump price of diesel and unleaded. Our card can increase the safety and security for your drivers because they remove the risk of you needing to keep track of cash, reimburse individual drivers, or hand over your business credit card which reduces the risk of spending it on anything.

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Esso Card™ Commercial

A fuel card like the Esso Card™ Commercial gains you access to thousands of Esso™ sites that are located nationwide including some HGV friendly sites and motorway service areas. You’ll love how easy using fuel cards can be and how simple and transparent our HMRC approved invoicing are. Introducing a fuel card to your fleet management processes, reduces the costs of filling up your business vehicles because you’ll pay for fuel based on our fixed discounted weekly diesel price, rather than relying on the fluctuating pump prices that vary from station-to-station across the UK. You’ll also retain the benefits when using a fuel card on your unleaded vehicles and at pump price. Introducing fuel cards to your fleet management can also reduce the time and money spent on the administration and accounting and the need to reimburse your employees because all transactions will be outlined on your invoices.

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Esso Card™ Fleet National

An Esso Card™ Fleet National is the perfect fuel card if your fleet has a mix of cars and vans with its wide network coverage, so you don’t need to compromise on location and convenience if your drivers cover a lot of miles. Fuel cards are a method where your drivers can pay for fuel (and fuel related purchases) on company expenses without having to claim the money back later on or use petty cash and credit cards. They’re a useful asset to add security, control, and reassurance to your business for both employers and employees! Becoming part of Greenarc Fuel Cards, will help you to save time on administering expense claims and you’ll receive from us, HMRC-approved invoices. With this fuel card you’ll pay pump price only and it’s a card accepted at Esso™, BP and Shell sites for diesel and unleaded.

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Esso Card™ Fleet Commercial

An Esso Card™ Fleet Commercial fuel card is only accepted at Esso™ sites and is ideally suited for a commercial fleet. Wherever you are, you’ll never be far away from an Esso™ fuelling station. Using a fuel card is just like using a credit card but with the added peace of mind that your drivers can only use a fuel card on vehicle related products such as: fuel, AdBlue, car washes etc. This makes it easier for you to keep track of these purchases though our itemised billing service – just like a credit card. Your cards can also add spending limits or volume controls to add further security to your business and fuel consumption. This fuel card offers you true transparency, you are in control of price, with no additional surcharges in terms of where fuel is drawn and no transactions fees.

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** Nectar points can be collected at participating Esso branded service stations whilst Tesco Clubcard points can be collected at Esso branded service stations with a Tesco Express shop.

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