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Texaco Fastfuel – Accelerate your savings on your Diesel, Unleaded and Supreme fuel purchases with the Texaco Fastfuel Card

The Texaco Fastfuel card is a multi-branded fuel card accepted at nearly 4,000 sites across the UK including; all Texaco branded service stations with additional coverage provided from the UK Fuels network.

The Texaco Fastfuel card is the only fuel card on the market designed to offer savings on your standard and premium fuel purchases with fixed weekly prices*. With acceptance at nearly 4,000 forecourts in the UK including; ALL Texaco Service Stations, ALL Tesco, Morrison, Sainsburys and Co-Op supermarkets* as well as selected branded sites, your never far away from a site where you can use your fuel card.

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Why Use FastFuel?

  • Superior network coverage, nearly 4,000 sites nationwide including All Texaco Service Stations in the UK as well as the multi-branded UK Fuels Network.
  • The UK Fuels network includes over 800+ sites designed with HGV and LCV vehicles in mind including; high canopies, high speed pumps, wide turning circles and driver facilities.
  • Multi-branded cross acceptance at selected branded sites such as BP, Shell, Esso, Jet, Gulf, Applegreen and many more.
  • Accepted at Morrison, Tesco, Sainsbury’s & Co-Op supermarkets.*
  • Accepted at ALL major UK Truckstops.
  • Accepted at ALL Moto motorway service stations and selected Welcome Break motorway sites.
  • All sites on network have been strategically placed and optimised with your vehicle fleet in mind, your never far away from a site where you can use your fuel card.
  • Fixed weekly price for standard and supreme fuels at Texaco forecourts.
  • All cards are PIN enabled for use at unmanned sites.
  • Choice of purchase options available including; Diesel Only, All Fuels, All Fuels & Lubricants.
  • HMRC Compliant Invoicing.

*surcharges may apply at selected sites 

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FastFuels Checklist.

Texaco Fastfuel customers have access to over 3,800 sites nationwide including:

830 Texaco Service Stations

660 HGV locations

68 Motorway Service Stations

56 Dedicated Truck Stops

Over 1,500 supermarket sites nationwide including; Tesco, Sainsburys, Co-Op and Morrisons

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