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Have you had to switch your fuel from Red Diesel to White Diesel and are you concerned about the security of the fuel you store?

Have you thought about switching to fuel cards?

Ensuring your company vehicles have a full tank and are kept on the road throughout the year is undoubtably an important aspect of running your business. The increasingly popular method to keeping your vehicles on the road at a cheaper cost – is a fuel card.

With many companies now required by HMRC to change how they fuel their offroad vehicles and machinery by switching from red to white diesel. This new Government policy is hoping to encourage businesses to burn less fossil fuels and explore greener options such as: swapping to HVO fuel, carbon offsetting or EV charging. Red Diesel accounts for around 15% of all the diesel used in the UK and is responsible for the production of nearly 14 million tonnes of carbon dioxide . It is hoped that, by limiting its use, the UK will have a higher chance of reaching its 2050 target of being net zero.

Greenarc Fuel Card Collection

However, a major concern many bulk fuel users share is the reality that they now could have to store white diesel instead of Gas Oil. Unlike Red Diesel, white diesel does not contain a coloured fuel marker and arguably carries a higher risk of theft as it is nearly impossible to trace.

Many businesses are now considering making the switch from storing bulk fuel for their offroad vehicles such as tipper trucks, diggers and excavators to operating fuel cards, where the only fuel they will store is in their vehicle tanks and not in a large bulk storage tank.

What is the best option for your business? Now is the time to re-evaluate.

Let us help you navigate through the fuel card benefits.

The Benefits

We help a range of businesses from single vans to a mixed fleet. With an overall aim to save you money, time, effort and add security to your business.
1. Control

Your Greenarc Fuel Card will put security first. Our cards have chip and pin set-up, usage limits and purchasing restrictions. Your Greenarc Fuel Card can be allocated however you choose (by driver, vehicle, department or simply ‘Card 1’).

2. Visibility

All of your Fuel Card transactions can be seen on your itemised VAT invoice which gives your accounts team complete visibility over your organisations fuel expenditure. Your invoice gives a line-by-line breakdown of every transaction by card including date, time, filling station used, product, quantity and price.

3. Simplicity

With our Fuel Cards, there are no “non-usage charges”, minimum usage charges or any other varieties of usage related charges and you won’t be tied into a lengthy contract. It is our job to provide you with a service worth using.

4. Accessibility

You can fill up your company vehicles of cars, vans and HGV’s for your entire fleet. Our cards can gain you access across over 4000+ sites with no lengthy contracts, non-usage charges, minimum usage charges or any other varieties of usage related charges.

Our network includes filling stations

Fuel Station Illustration

such as:

  • Shell,
  • BP,
  • Esso,
  • Texaco,
  • Tesco,
  • Morrisons,
  • Gulf,
  • Applegreen,
  • Euro Garages
    …and many more independent retailers and stations.

Still unsure? – Contact us!

For those businesses no longer eligible to use red diesel, it is important to balance your options. From our range of fuel cards, you can easily consider your options with our team.

Our team can make sure the switch to white diesel doesn’t mean your fleet’s running costs increase.

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