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EMI Scheme.

An important aspect to Greenarc Fuel Cards is our office culture. Our team undoubtably are our best asset and we want to cultivate a positive environment. Our Chair and leadership team announced in June 2022, that an EMI scheme (Enterprise Management Incentive) had been set-up for staff who had been employed for 12 months or more, the first set of options were issued in June 2022, with a further set planned for June 2023 to capture any newer employees.

Greenarc Fuel Cards Office
Greenarc Fuel Cards Office 2022

Greenarc Fuel Cards have transitioned through a remarkable period of growth in the last few years. In 2021, the team out-grew the fuel terminal in Padiham and moved to their custom-designed office space at Shuttleworth Mead and a new office founded in Yorkshire. The team themselves, have doubled and have established a structure that has enhanced internal communication and collaboration. We’ve added new greener solutions to our services including our Carbon Offsetting programme, that has welcomed new customers and has developed existing relationships.

The future of the company is bright and many more plans are in place!

As a thankyou, the EMI scheme has been established. It is an incredibly tax-efficient share options plan for employees. It is mainly used by small to mid-sized UK businesses looking to share their successes with their team as their company grows. These options are provided free of charge to staff and ensures our team have no income tax or employees’ NIC to pay when issued the options or when they are converted to shares.

Chris Bingham, Chair of The Craggs Energy Group said: “I’ve been researching how to transition the companies I founded to the next phase of their life for quite some time. My team and I have been looking at the benefits and alternatives available. The EMI for Greenarc Fuel Cards was an obvious choice!

Our fuel cards business is successful and rapidly advancing to an established state. I put great value on the team and wanted to be able to reward the people on the ground who turn-up day-to-day to push the business in to the position we’re in now.

The response from our shareholders and staff so far has been extremely positive and already we’ve seen an increase in productivity and motivation. I’m sure this will drive future growth. With no hesitation, harbouring a business that focuses on supporting our employees can only be a good thing!”


Amber, from Greenarc Fuel Cards added: “The leadership team at Greenarc Fuel Cards have invested in the company and staff significantly in the past few years. It’s important to me that the values and attitude of the business has been shown and delivered through schemes like EMI options. I’m sure we’ll see the rewards in the coming years.”