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What On Earth Is Happening?

Last week saw Earth Day 2022! I It’s a day dedicated to highlighting the impact we have on the planet and to promote conservation and sustainability. This year’s theme was “Invest In Our Planet’. The clear message to leaders is that: ‘urgent action is needed’.

How is your business investing in our planet?

Last week, we were excited to launch our brand new carbon offset initiative on Earth Day 2022! Decarbonisation is something we’re really passionate about across all our businesses within the Craggs Energy Group. Each of our companies has a range of a green services and our newest focus within Greenarc Fuel Cards is to help our customers carbon offset!

Carbon offsetting is the process where a business, a government or an individual can pay for carbon credits. As a result,  they will cut or remove a set quantity of carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

To get started, make the request to your account manager when we’re completing your application or contact us and we’ll add to your existing account.

Why Carbon Offset?

More and more companies, organisations and entire countries are on their way to becoming carbon neutral. The more you can do to reduce your carbon footprint the better!

But there will almost certainly be a point where you’ve done all you can but are still leaving a mark. Alternatively, it might just not feasible for your business to invest in or greener fuel alternatives such as HVO; just isn’t accessible yet. That is when the presence of a carbon offsetting are called upon. It can be a great first step on the road to carbon reduction or a last step to get your business to carbon neutrality.

How Does it Work?

You’ll have the option to carbon offset your fuel purchased via your Greenarc fuel card! Giving you the control. For the amount of fuel you use each week, we’ll then purchase the equivalent carbon offset credits on your behalf. Moreover, these credits are associated to existing, and active individual carbon reduction or carbon prevention projects. All of our projects are independently certified to internationally recognised standards giving you total confidence in their legitimacy.

These projects may include:

  • Rolling Out Clean Energy Technologies

Wind Farms are one of the best examples of clean, renewable energy sources. They help cut carbon emissions worldwide by providing sustainable sources of energy that doesn’t come from fossil fuels.

  • Hydro Power

Moving water through hydro power is a powerful energy source harnessed to provide clean, fast and flexible electricity generation.

  • Forest schemes

Forestry projects are among the most effective solutions to climate change as forests play a vital role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Most importantly, carbon offsetting your fuel provides a pragmatic and cost-effective solution for reducing CO2e. Especially if it can not be otherwise avoided.



What’s next?

In conclusion, every day should be Earth Day! Is carbon offsetting your fuel is something you’d like to discuss further? Contact any of our team!

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