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4 Things To Ask Your Fuel Card Provider

Firstly, let us paint the picture.

You’re minding your own business when you get a call from an unknown number saying they’re a fuel card provider. They would like to know your current method when purchasing fuel. You may use cash, credit/debit cards, buy it in bulk, have an account directly with a local garage or are a current fuel card user.

It doesn’t matter what you say –  they’ll have a perfect and well-rehearsed pitch just waiting for you.

Their response will explain so many different benefits that it may sound almost too good to be true! A fuel card can save you money, admin time and add security to your business. Which actually, is all true.

But, what do you ask them?

Let us offer you some guidance!

Question One: ‘Are there any hidden fees?’

This may include monthly usage charges, a cancellation fee or set-up fee. Once you take the added charges into account it may no longer have as many benefits as you first thought! At Greenarc Fuel Cards, there isn’t any usage or “transaction” fee, cancellation fee or set-up fee. Just a low annual minimal cost for us to process and manufacture your plastic card from the network provider.

Question Two: ‘Where can I use my fuel card?’

The ultimate question. Your business needs a card that is accessible and widely accepted in the area you cover, be it locally, regionally, nationally or even Europe wide! To make it easier for our customers we’ve created a custom built site-locator because we want your experience with us to be as smooth as possible. Our team will learn your filling up habits and advise the best network for you. Such as: Esso – if you fill up regularly in towns and cities or UKfuels if you need a larger network or Keyfuels if you need to use motorway fuel stations – or a combination of all of them!

Question Three: ‘How will my account be managed?’

For example, we have a growing team, with over 50 years of experience in the fuel card industry. In addition, we’re family-run! We treat each of our thousands of customers on a personal level. You’ll be assigned to a dedicated account manager who will ensure you’re well looked after! You wont just be a number at Greenarc Fuel Cards or treated any differently if you don’t use that much fuel. All of our customers are equally important to us whether they are the largest national haulier or the local sandwich delivery company.

Question Four: ‘Are there add-ons I need to opt-out from?’

Sometimes, you have to opt-out of certain schemes as they come as standard. We ensure you always have options. Such as, opting in to our carbon offset scheme. We’ll never add this to your account as standard. The choice is always yours.


To conclude, knowing all the facts before you sign on the dotted line for a  new fuel card provider is important. There are many fuel card providers out there. By asking these questions, you can avoid unnecessary add-on costs, frustration and have a better idea if a fuel card is for your business.

Head over to our frequently asked questions page to see more handy hints and tips or if you want to talk to our team; contact us.